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Wristwatch by Vuitton

In buying watch specially designer watch or wristwatch, you have to consider its function, why? so it suits you and your every day life or interest and hobby, and because most of the time you are with your watch, it is more like just a watch to keep you inform about the time, date, or even direction etc.. it became more of a fashion statement or your style, that is why LV lay its hands on making great wristwatch that suits your style, passion and hobby. Vuiton is offering a wide range of wrist watch with high quality and extreme elegance and beauty, and they offering wristwatch with with 6 different function that sure suits you. They have Hours and Minutes perfect for simple who only want to see the time and do smoe style and fashion, the Chronograph for a sporty one or love watching races cause it has a stop watch they also have what they called a travel watch who used by the travelers because this watch has a different or can adjust its gmt for other country, the DIVING speacially made for those who love water sports activities or other related to water, they have REGGATA which is also related to water activities like sailing, perfect for marines and seamen and the last one is the power reserved convenient watch in terms of keeping its power supply last long, you can actually check the power level of this watch. And with LV high quality materials these watches sure rocks, with fascinating design extreme elegant and superb glamour that sure can be yours. I dont Know if there is a knock Off but if there is, better to check it and try it if has the same function and beauty, cause having a authentic one is surprisingly expensive.

This lovely bag i think is one of the LV pride in it’s collection, and now there is a knock off, this lovely and adorable bag is a beauty with it’s fine materials superb class of detailing and simple yet elegant style and design, the L’Essentiel bag, as its name suggests, is a versatile piece, for casual or sophisticated use. It is fashioned in supple Suhali leather with a golden brass safe lock closure and key.

with nice and fascinating, Suhali leather, textile lining
Golden brass pieces, Shoulder carry with adjustable shoulder strap
Removable key holder,Golden brass rivets and pleating detail at the front that is absolutely gorgeous

Behind the Sunglasses

Whats Behind the Sunglasses? EYES? lol If you heard of sunglasses you immediately think of summer and fashion accessories or trends and style but truly Sunglasses or sun cheaters(according to Americans) are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. Many people find direct sunlight too bright for comfort during outdoor activities and that is why sunglasses is very popular during summer, with this, it became a fashion piece! Many use sunglasses not because it’s too bright, but for the sake of fashion and style or elegance? .Well if were talking of style,fashion and elegant sunglasses, i think were talking of Louis Vuitton, yes they offer you a wide range of sunglasses collection form mask, rimless, Cateye, Aviator, Square, Round, Oversize  and of course this comes with high quality features and with fascinating level of fashion

and if your’re buying a sunglasses make sure it fits for you, consider your face shape, if you are comfortable then choose what do you think suits your style.

Hard Working? Techie? well treat yourself with this very useful and reliable messenger bag for you, work and style at the same time, don’t worry much of your work, case this bag will help you carry your work loads and at the same time help you boost your style by putting a lot of elegance with it. Exquisite and sumptuous,this Messager bag is worth buying.On its appearance,there is a classic Louis Vuitton icon.Due to the adjustable strap,it can be carried on the shoulder or accross the body so be comfortable and fashionable!.

wuth damier Geant canvas, textile lining, natural cowhide or calf trimmings, aluminum pieces, zippered closure , laptop compartment, 2 elastic compartments for the battery and mouse, one patch pocket and a cell phone compartment, external, zippered pocket with the Louis Vuitton signature, carried on the shoulder, adjustable leather strap

A well made bag is absolutely for you! With this great cheap (cheaper than authentic) Louis Vuitton fashion handbag, you sure can have a great fashion style and a luxury look whenever you’re out. This Mirabeau PM bag is elegant and generous.It is suitable for your business or travelling.While a generous A4 capacity means it’s also a supremely roomy and practical bag.

Look at this priceless piece, very indulging and irresistible bag, this bag is actually a reliable one with it’s lovely features:

Iconic Toron handles
Comfortable rounded handles
Smooth leather flap with engraved square twist lock
Interior zipped and double flat pocket with D-ring
Microfiber lining
Protective bottom studs

Oh yes! If i’m not mistaken this one of the cutest and hottest design of pouch today by Louis Vuitton! And now there is a Knock Off version! This cute little pouch with attractive and classic art are now sold cheaper, with its elegant capacity, the Louis Vuitton N63003 Mini Pouch is both beautiful and practical.And its particular unique interior detailing ensure an opulent appearance and feel.

With indulging feature that sure make you think if it is really a Knock Off one

Beschlage aus Messing goldfarbenem
Fascinating Textilinnenfutter
Elegant looking bright golden brass pieces
High quality Zipper closure
And Impressive Cloth lining

Love nature? then this bag is for you, with it’s very refreshing look and canvass design , sure thing this bag is at it’s peak when were talking of beauty and fashion. With the unique and fashionable design,this Cabas GM Aventure bag is in hot sale now.Luxurious calfskin leather trimmings and wealthy golden brass pieces improve the bold shades of its vibrant printed design.

Cotton canvas silkscreen printed with a watercolour drawing so fascinating, Golden brass Louis Vuitton Inventeur plate that make it more elegant, Adjustable handles for hand or shoulder carry that is why it is so reliable, Engraved snap hook closure for security?(fashion rather), Large interior zipped pocket for better use, Soft textile lining printed with iconic Monogram pattern so it is comfortable to carry and with high sure thing quality and Protective engraved bottom studs to complete the beauty.

Cute and yummy Knock Off Louis Vuitton for you! A very reliable bag that can put beauty to you while carrying it, and Brings out the fashion in you, and this Belem PM bag is created by the classic fashion of Damier Canvas that sure amaze everyone. It is a delightfully chic addition to a modern wardrobe. Two outside pockets for keys, cell phone or other small items add convenience.

With :
Damier canvas with chocolate leather trim
Shiny golden squared hardware
Chocolate leather handles
Two outer pockets (one on each side)
Long double zipper closure
Sari canvas lining
Doble leather handles
Hand-held or carried

Simplicity Rules! This fascinating luxurious looking bag is a replica,or a knock off, can you believe this? nahh this bag is elegant yet simple and gorgeous, this Sistina MM bag has soft pleats and graceful leather trimming.It is created in the city modern bag for your daily using.The Damier Sistina finish supplies an elegant touch to this versatile bag.

Look at the trimming of leather and the interior, fabulous isn’t it? and for a knock off? And see this also this Damier Ebene Canvas Good capacity Soft red microfibre lining with a Blackberry pocket Golden Louis Vuitton engraved buckle Adjustable shoulder strap

Travel with all you stuff with you! With This Huge yet adorable bag replica of Louis Vuitton, You can style and travel with great and luxurious fashion. This Keepall bag has a roomy space and it is in the top quality,so it is suitable for your leisure time or business.It has double supple handles and single adjustable strap.

Now amaze with it’s high quality materials and luxury looking design features:

High quality leather
Damier Graphite canvas
Cotton lining and leather trim
Silver brass pieces
Double zipper closure
Rounded handles with handle attachment
Removable and adjustable strap with shoulder pad
Removable ID holder
Cabin size

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